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2017-06-29 21:02:03 by JackPumpkinhead

Hey still living with a beating heart 

I just had to do life things like college applacations and ap art and other ap classes

I have the art stuff and will try to post them up ass soon as posable 

also my dad is focing me to work with him in a job i did not agree to 

That's it folks

Hey I am Still living

2016-03-05 10:55:56 by JackPumpkinhead

I am still alive i am just not uploading that much or that offten i have alot mor art to post so i will be posting a bunch of art on one day



2015-12-11 16:43:02 by JackPumpkinhead

well finals ........ I will after finals be doing more art promises and school is getting in way. 

but I do have a lot i just don't have time to capture a pic of them and upload them.

hi i am JackPumpkinhead and i used to be HANK10005 or Hank10003 i have posted up on my preveus page the update or move i should say  that i and now JackPumpkinhead.

This time i want to keep this Page and will be the final page untill further notice

enjoy my newpage for i died as HANK10003 and i am rebirthed as JackPumpkinhead.